June 10, 2024

Investing in Tulum Pre-construction: Is it a Smart Choice?

Have you found a Tulum pre-construction condo offer but aren't sure if it's the best decision? In this post, we'll clarify all your doubts about this type of real estate investment in Tulum. This way, you'll know if it's a smart investment for you and understand all the benefits you can gain investing in real estate market in Tulum.

What is a Tulum's pre-construction condo?

A pre-construction condo in Tulum refers to a condo in a real estate project that has not yet been completed. For example, when a developer buys land to build a residence, hotel, etc., but construction has not started or finished yet. This definition also applies to properties that are completed but not yet fully sold.

What if the project stops? What if the result doesn't match the photos?

It's true that when we are presented with a pre-sale property in Tulum, everything looks amazing, but we fear that reality won't meet our expectations. We would feel much safer buying a finished condo and seeing the results for ourselves. However, remember that real estateis one of the top five long-term secure investments you'll make in your life.

There are many advantages to taking the risk and buying a pre-construction condo in Tulum. Investors who are aware of these benefits and bet in advance on a real estate project can gain the most once it's finished.

6 reasons to invest in pre-construction in Tulum

If you're hesitant about investing in Tulum pre-construction, first learn about all the related benefits:

1. Save more by investing in pre-construction and achieve a higher return on investment

Buying a pre-construction condo in Tulum is an excellent opportunity to access lower prices. Remember that the pre-sale of a property has several stages, according to the project's progress. If you buy in the first stage, usually during the first few months of pre-sale, you can secure a lower price and achieve a higher return on your real estate investment: investing early allows you to benefit from capital gains as the property's value increases during the construction phase and beyond. As the project nears completion and the surrounding area develops, the value of your condo will appreciate, providing substantial capital gains and a strong return on investment.

Typically, the price of pre-construction condos in Tulum increases by 15% to 25%, providing initial savings for participating in this type of investment. For example, apartments in Tulum at 525 Tulum, delivered in 2021, appreciated by 22% in value from the beginning of pre-sale stage to the project's completion.

To sum it up, while the project is under construction, the area grows, so the condo's value appreciates constantly. Once ready, you can rent it out or sell it at a higher price than you initially paid.

Kitchen in pre-construction condo in Tulum in real estate development Mayab Tulum
New condos in Tulum at Mayab Tulum

2. Flexible payment methods

One of the biggest advantages of investing in Tulum pre-construction is the financing options offered by developers, which can be more attractive than traditional bank financing. Developers often provide interest-free monthly payments and with much more comfortable terms. The duration can vary between 12 and 72 months, depending on the construction timeline, with the remainder paid upon delivery of your condo. This flexible and interest-free financing can significantly reduce the financial burden and make investing in a pre-construction property more accessible and affordable.

Additionally, in a pre-sale property in Tulum, you can make an initial down payment and then pay the rest once the project is completed. Developers and real estate companies need investor confidence to move the project forward.

When buying condos at Mayab Tulum, you can choose a 17% down payment and spread interest-free monthly payments over 72 months. Moreover, once the condo is delivered, you have the option to continue paying interest-free for an additional 3 years.

Common pool in pre-construction condo in Tulum in real estate development Mayab Tulum
If you're thinking about buying an apartment in a tourist area like Tulum, buying the apartment in pre-sale will be the best option to obtain flexible payments and pre-sale incentives.

3. Greater availability of options

The best thing about a pre-sale is that you can choose the best condo before anyone else. Usually, when projects are finished, properties with the best views, locations, or finishes are already reserved.

Investing in pre-construction in Tulum means you'll have more chances to choose a condo that suits your tastes and needs. Often, we find the perfect location and a project that fits our budget, but we have to settle for the available properties.

Many developers allow their first investors to choose their preferred property, including finishes and materials. This way, it's possible to customize your home from the construction stage, selecting small details, like the inclusion of appliances, proximity to the gym or main entrance, the number of bathrooms, and even options to add solar panels as part of the sustainable practices offered by some new developments in Tulum.

4. Lower maintenance costs

Buying a pre-construction condo in Tulum means all the furniture and electrical equipment like fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer, etc., are new. Additionally, during the first year, developers offer owners a warranty for hidden defects in all equipment.

5. More time to furnish your condo

The good thing about pre-construction in Tulum is that it gives owners plenty of time to gradually choose furniture and decoration items for your new property. You will also have more time to better plan your new routine, including routes to work and other activities, or simply get to know the new area where you will live. If it's for a vacation home, you can prepare it for rental during the months you are not using it. Discover other small details that can make a big difference in the profitability of your investment when buying a condo in Tulum.

Living room and kitchen in pre-construction condo in Tulum in real estate development Mayab Tulum

In a nutshell, investing in Tulum pre-construction offers numerous benefits, including lower prices, higher return on investment, and attractive financing options from developers that often surpass traditional bank loans. These investments not only allow buyers to secure properties at more affordable rates but also benefit from the appreciation in property value as the area develops, making Tulum a lucrative market for real estate investments.

Finally, one of the most important keys to getting the most out of this type of investment is to contact reputable real estate companies and real estate developers. These are companies that have expertise and a great reputation in the Tulum real estate market.

Amphitheater at condos for sale in Tulum at Mayab Tulum

Your dream condo in Tulum.

17% down payment and interest-free monthly installments.

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